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Group Breaks

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A group break is a collective purchase of sealed boxes of trading cards where the potential contents of the boxes are divided into different categories prior to their opening on a live stream. We sell Pick Your Team, Random Team, and Random Division Breaks. If you purchase a team in a Pick Your Team Break you will receive all of the cards in the sealed boxes for that break for that team. In Random Team and Random Division Breaks you will be randomly assigned a team or division during a live stream prior to the break. In a Random Division Break you will receive all of the cards for each of the teams in your division. Ownership of each card is determined by the team displayed of the card NOT the jersey the athlete is wearing. For example, if Tom Brady is wearing a New England Patriots Jersey but the card says Tampa Bay Buccaneers the card goes to the owner of the Buccaneers. In the event a card features multiple teams are featured on a single card, that card will be randomized at the end of the break to determine ownership. Each break and each sealed box will contain different cards randomly inserted by their manufacturers, and not every box is going to feature a card from every available team. However, in the event that your team doesn’t hit a single card Three Point RVA will provide you with a sealed pack or card from your set team. Thank you and good luck!

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